The creepy origin of the Spinner. He invented it so that his daughter would not be raped again

Today they are a worldwide phenomenon. Although it seems a game without a “chiste” or sense, the children seem to be fascinated by turning in their hands those absurd plastic and metal toys. That’s right, we are talking about the “spinners”.

Since these toys became a sensation, they began to emerge anyway, colors and materials. Some of them have reached very high prices, becoming pieces of luxury; However, how many people who use them know the scary story behind the “spinners”? Pay attention, that what you are about to read will cause nightmares …

It all started with a woman named Catherine Hettinger, who invented and patented the first “spinner” of the story.

However, the reason why he created that toy is much more painful than a simple idea product of his creativity …

The summer that Catherine invented that successful toy, she was diagnosed with a terrible disease called ¨miastenia grave¨, a strange neuromuscular condition that causes extreme weakness in muscles and bones.

Due to her condition, Catherine could not play with her daughter anymore, and seeing how much the little girl got bored, because they lived in a town in Florida where most of the population was elderly, she decided to invent an entertaining toy to give your little girl a little joy This is how the “spinner” was born, the despair of a mother and the loneliness of her daughter.

The first ¨spiner¨ was patented in the 90s, unfortunately, over the years, only 1500 toys were sold, so the debts and the expensive costs of its treatment made Catherine lose the patent 8 years after creating the first “spinner”. That caused that the economy of the woman went away until the ground.

Today, Catherine is 60 years old and her invention, the “spinners”, are conquering the planet generating millions of dollars in profits that do not go to the pockets of this poor woman, whose luck was never on her side.


While others get rich, Catherine’s situation continues to get worse. Although he is in better health, the high costs of his treatment continue to sink his economy and that of his family.

Some people have tried to create donation campaigns to help the true inventor of the “spinners”, but they simply do not prosper. It seems that Catherine’s work and history is destined to remain anonymous. We sincerely hope that with this note, a little justice will be done to your name and your legacy: the “spinners”.


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