Presenter takes off her shorts live. What he does next is only for adults

“What toy store did you come out of, doll?”, Was the question that ALL the men asked themselves when they saw these women perform an extremely provocative and risqué act: they dropped their pants in the television program.

To the men to leave the things to the imagination it catches them more than any other thing, and I assure to them that several until they became colorados of the emotion, without mentioning the face of lust of the presenters. You can not imagine what happened in the end!

First, a sensual dance “to warm up the engines”.

The presenter could not believe it …

In another program something similar happened, with an unexpected end.

This man ate the girl with his eyes.

The presenter said: “Hold on, I’ll leave you there!”

Here you have the video of when the memorable scenes happened, so that you can take a good wink:

If you can not see the VIDEO, click HERE


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