Look how your legs define how good you are in bed. Men love the …

What woman does not want to know that she is very good at the art of bedding and love? More than one, there is no doubt. If this is your case, you have surely wondered how to make men see that talent in you, without having to take off your clothes or teach more. The good news is that it is possible, and you only need to observe a part of your body: the legs.

It turns out that the separation of your legs says much more than you imagine. Do not think that the celebrities teach so much skin for nothing. According to recent studies, the distance between one and the other defines your capacity to satisfy your boy in that intimate plane. The first thing you should do is analyze the following image to know what type of legs you have, and then learn well what each one indicates to the opposite gender:


Many think that the narrower is better, however it has been found that the ideal for men is that there is a slight opening, so that the execution is more perfect and avoid discomfort. Girls with minimal space are a little shy; They usually lie on the bed and wait for him to do everything. That men can love or angry, depends on the case. Our recommendation is that you do not forget your initiative, because in this art the goal is that both enjoy.


It is the end of the “A” girls because, as we can see, the distance between one leg and the other is very large. These girls are not afraid to experiment and are completely delivered in bed. They love to discover and implement games of all kinds. Men go crazy because they get the most delicious positions; those of type “B” have impressive elasticity.


The girls “C” are completely narrow from the top and separated from below. This indicates that if the man who tries to make them “see little stars” is good at his job, they can allow him to arrive “as far as he wants”. They are reserved and romantic, but if you wake them up the inner beast can devour you completely. It is believed that it is a matter of trust. You know, do not give everything to the first one; let him strive to win the jackpot.


Well, we go with the “D” girls, who have the most common type of withdrawal: it separates slightly up and down. They are very neutral and traditional. They prefer to stay in bed with their man, turn off the light and do it in one position. That does not mean that they are boring, simply that they prefer everything “to the old one”, they keep what they already know that works for them.

But do not predispose because your legs are one way or another. Practice makes perfect, and if you want to make your boy exploit all of the emotion, there’s nothing more to study and show off when it comes to doing it. The safest thing is to forget that detail if you know what to do to give love and enjoy at the same time.

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Look how your legs define how good you are in bed. Men love the …

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