Look at what the color of your period says about your health. You could be seriously ill

Look at what the color of your period says about your health. You could be seriously ill
Although menstruation is something that displeases most women, because it brings a lot of discomfort, we also have to resign ourselves to it being in our life for many years; so the best thing is that we see the good side and focus on what we can take advantage of.

If you suffer from severe cramping during your period, it is very likely that you think there is no reason to use it, but the truth is that the color of the blood we discard can reveal how well our body is working.

As you surely have already noticed, the color of the blood can vary from day to day or even from period to period, from bright red to an almost black brown, and likewise its texture goes from very light to very thick liquid.

Although in most cases the color and texture are due to the natural process of the body, there are others in which it is necessary to consult a specialist to avoid future problems.

Pay close attention so that the next time you are more conscious, in case there is something abnormal that you should attend to as soon as possible.

1.- Pink bleeding

If your blood has a pink color during your period, it is most likely because it is a weak day and you are losing little blood. However, if this remains the entire period may be a sign of recent pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations or possible infection. In case you make sure it is not a pregnancy or ovulation, you may need to consult your doctor to determine the cause.

2.- Bright red bleeding

When the blood has this tone it is indicative that you enjoy perfect health. However, if even in this color lasts more than a week, you should go with your doctor to help you identify the reason for this situation.

3.- Bleeding wine color

During the strong days of the cycle this color is normal, although if it occurs during the weak days, it is best to see a gynecologist because it may be a miscarriage or even indicate the presence of a tumor.

4.- Orange reddish bleeding

If the blood during your period is between red and orange, and also the smell you perceive too strong, consult your doctor is likely due to a vaginal infection.

5.- Brown bleeding

This color is not worrying, it is more likely that it is due to blood stored since the last menstruation. In any case pay attention, because if it changes between yellow or orange, remember that it may be due to infection. In the same way you should be alert if it occurs after the second day, because it can indicate strong blood flow.

6.- Hemorrhage

As we know, the amount of blood decreases with the passing of days and it is normal that there is abundant blood flow at the beginning. However, if this happens constantly, it could cause anemia, so it is important to consult your doctor soon.

7.- Absence of period

Many times our period is advanced or delayed a couple of days, but if it happens more than usual, consult a gynecologist to determine the cause. In case you are having sex, it could be pregnancy, although it is good that you rule out any other possibility.

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