He is only 13 years old and is already breaking the internet. Look how much they offer for …

Thanks to the internet and social networks like Instagram, thousands of girls in the world have the opportunity to become enfamosas public figures, showing their talents in the network.

Today we will talk about a young girl in particular who is breaking the network. First of all because of his incredible way of dancing, and secondly because of his age, he is only 13 years old. We are sure that you can not believe it, this girl has a very promising future.

This is ¨Itts.Belly¨, a beautiful teenager of Spanish origin who has conquered the world with her magnetic personality.

Want to say so much and know that it is better not to say anything

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Despite its young age, it has become a symbol of sensuality for young people, because ¨Itts.Belly¨ does not seem to be as old as it is, much less on his personal Instagram account.


Their videos have become very popular, because they are made with a lot of creativity.


Good evening princes and princesses?

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He is always having fun.


This girl knows how to use her social networks incredibly, and that is why today she has more than 23,000 loyal followers who adore all their content.




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Despite being the inspiration of many, this girl is still a girl, she still does not enter high school.


Not all the treasures are gold, nor all the sisters are of blood??

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?People go, memories stay?

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Important media in Spain say that the girl has received offers to appear dancing in music videos of various artists, it is rumored that they have offered up to 250 thousand dollars for dancing in a recording. But her parents do not agree that she neglects her studies and much less that she begins to have such an exhausting job being only a girl. For now she will continue to delight her followers with her daring videos on the internet.


Happy Bday To Me? +13?

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She has been criticized for her age, and for the songs she usually dances in her videos; however, she remains very happy and positive.


Next, we will show you a very cool collection of your dances and videos. You will be delighted with the charisma of this beautiful girl:

If you can not see the VIDEO, click HERE

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