Famous presenter had an@l s3x with men to be able to kidnap them and then

The beautiful model and Colombian sports conductor, Paulina Karina Díaz, was accused of kidnapping and extortion of two men since 2011 and on June 13, 2017 was arrested by the Metropolitan Police of Cali, Colombia.

Paulina was leaving the facilities of channel 2 at the end of the recordings of the “Guía Magazín” program that she drives, and she also wore a tiny pink sports suit that marked her entire slender body, when a couple of officers apprehended her.

The Colombian asked “please” the police to allow her to change clothes to serve them and make a call to her mother. During the operation, a person known as “the witch” was also arrested who was Paulina’s accomplice and who had the victims in captivity.

In fact, the local television station, disengaged from it and argued in a statement that the model occasionally participated in the program making sports news, informative capsules, without economic compensation and that its ONLY purpose was to EXPRESS IT AS VISUAL MATERIAL.

The story of the two kidnappings
Both “the witch” and Paulina were in a nightclub on December 30, 2011 and when they left, they deprived the merchant Hugo López Moncayo and his friend the lawyer, Milton Caro Villamil, of their freedom. They demanded three thousand million Colombian pesos for the release of the two of them.

During her plan, the Colombian Diaz was in charge of seducing the victims. He took them inside the establishment to “have relations with them” and later, with the help of “the witch” they were kidnapped there.

They could be sentenced to up to 23 years in prison for complicity, and one of the victims was robbed of nine million Colombian pesos from their bank account. The corresponding investigations will continue because the whereabouts of the two victims is unknown since 2011. they are missing At the moment, the respective hearings are being held to define the judicial situation of those involved. Here we leave you the moment when the policemen read your rights and arrest you:

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