8 curious facts about semen that every woman should know

Have you ever wondered, what are the benefits of semen? Yes, by this I mean to ingest it, but also to know all the curiosities that revolve around this liquid and all that it entails: semen, ejaculation and sperm.

These are 8 curious facts about semen that you did not know.

1. Cum and sperm is NOT the same.

Yes, you heard that right. Semen is a fluid that contains fructose, enzymes and different nutrients that facilitate the mobility of sperm outside the penis, so we could say that semen is the “transporter” of sperm and sperm are microscopic cells that serve for fertilization .

2. Taste and density.

The taste, density and amount of semen varies between man and man. Since for example, the flavor depends on the feeding of the boy, what he ingests during the day determines the salty or sweet of the semen, but eye the lifestyle of the person also influences and a lot.

3. How many sperm come out in an ejaculate?

Although it sounds incredible on one occasion, they leave around 200 million sperm!

4. Semen can also be used as a facial.

Although many people think this is “disgusting” and many others make jokes about this, having so many nutrients, semen can serve as a moisturizer and antioxidant, something that unquestionably helps improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

5. Improve your hair

Being rich in nutrients, when ingested helps to have a shiny hair and strong roots, because thanks to the huge amount of proteins it contains, semen complements your hair health.

6. Benefit your health

Semen contains variable elements that our body needs and which are also found in food. It is an excellent way to receive substances such as zinc, enzymes or citric acid. So you know, if you hate eating vegetables here you have another option.

7. How much do sperm cells live?

Within the woman, sperm can live for 3 to 5 days. That is why it is always recommended to use protection and taken during the first 72 hours after having had sex, the famous pill of the following day, also called emergency.

8. Can I get pregnant if I swallow the semen?

No, you can not get pregnant. Remember that to get pregnant the sperm must reach the woman’s egg, and for that it is necessary to have vaginal penetration.

These are the most frequent curious facts about this happy liquid and male sexual phenomenon. Eliminate all taboos and enjoy your sexuality.


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8 datos curiosos sobre el semen que toda mujer debe saber

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