7 tips to be good in bed. You will want to do it every day

When you meet the perfect guy, you go out of your way to make him happy in all aspects, you want him to be proud of being your boyfriend. The last thing you want is for me to look at others. If you want to drive him crazy and get all his attention, you have to keep reading.

Take note and pay close attention, because today we will tell you what makes a woman the perfect lover.
1.- Let yourself go.

When you take off your clothes, also take off your modesty and taboos. To enjoy the encounter you must have an open mind to experiment. What he wants is a woman who is not afraid of doing crazy things in bed … or in the kitchen. The best sex is in the most unexpected places.

2.- Think about him.

Remember that a relationship is two, so do not think only about your pleasure. Take him to feel the total ecstasy. Look for the two to enjoy the encounter to the fullest. Observe the language of his body, his expressions tell you how much he is enjoying what you do to him. Give him more than he likes!

3.- Forget about the world.

Enjoy every opportunity to be alone. Forget the stress of work and family problems. Let yourself go for the moment and do not think about anything other than your partner.

4.- Add a little romanticism.

Although sex is one of the pillars of a relationship, do not leave out the little details. Send him text messages where you tell him how much you miss him or prepare a romantic dinner from time to time.

5.- Communicate.

Express what you like and what you dislike in bed. Give him the key to take you to the climax. Remember that he also has the right to express his tastes, so take note of how he wants you to touch him.

6.- Fill it with kisses and caresses.

Physical contact is a vital ingredient to seduce him. Give him kisses and caresses passionately to invite him to have a night without limits.

7.- Support him in his dreams and his goals.

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who supports her man to achieve his dreams. Who better than you to give him the security he needs to fight for his goals? When you see that you trust him he will know that he chose the right girl to be by his side.

As you may realize, being the perfect lover goes beyond being good in bed; It implies being a partner and an accomplice in your dreams and your desires.

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