6 benefits of a quickie. You’ll have the ass you always wanted

The “quickie” or as the Americans know it, throwing yourself a “Quickie” is a very common and interesting practice. Do you know why men love him so much? For one simple reason: they like to come fast. Also, the explosiveness of the moment makes them very horny.

Maybe you are not very much in favor of doing so, but you are losing thousands of benefits. Probably “five minutes of rapidin” do not always satisfy you at all times, but believe me that a good binge of wildly overflowed passion reverberates -among other things- in your butt … you will be the envy of all. Here its most outstanding benefits:

1.- Goodbye to stress

As any place is an option, you can do it at all hours of the day and the secret is that they lack time. You listened well !, be in a hurry, it generates that the excitement goes up in a huge way and in three minutes you can reach glory. In turn, you will release endorphins and you will feel like new, very relaxed.
2.- You feel full of energy

It’s like when you want some good tacos of carne asada but another day you feel like a salad with green tea. With a rapidín and conventional sex the same thing happens, however, in either of the two releases dopamine, the so-called “hormone of happiness” … You know, you must experience new things and that will fill you with life.
3.- You will increase your sexual libido

You will want to anoint the cake with avocado at all hours of the day, and you will make your boyfriend crazy, besides, it is the method par excellence to avoid falling into monotony. The forbidden places will make your hair stand on end and you will not hesitate to desecrate them. Hold on! You will want to do it more often.
4.- Segregas adrenaline

It is the hormone that makes your pupils dilate and do things that go beyond fiction. A rapidín, to be endowed with emotion and danger, is the act par excellence to generate adrenaline and what is the benefit? Your body will feel rejuvenated completely and very light.
5. It takes away your anxiety

Imagine that you and your boy have a crazy night, they sleep together and another day very early he has things to do. You are very comfortable nestled in his arms and it is practically impossible to detach. The best way to release tension and anxiety is to make love as quickly as possible and then yes, the bad taste of mouth that was left for having to interrupt your moment disappears.
6. Your butt the biggest beneficiary.

Why do you think that the masons have some braces despite not going to the gym? Because all the holy day is “macheteando” to work. Now, if by itself, conventional sex (let’s talk about duration) gives you thousands of benefits and it’s not from the newspaper, in this case, if you give yourself a few minutes to “work” as much as you can, the change is brutal because you’re exercising your legs, buttocks and you are molding them.

A rapidín is the equivalent to the routines of short but intense exercises, that bring benefits to you on any side that you see both emotionally and corporally. Also, you get out of the monotony, you feel at peace with yourself and you keep your partner happy. What does not convince you? Cheer up!

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6 beneficios de un rapidín. Tendrás el trasero que siempre quisiste

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