20 people who ruined their lives by not checking their selfie before uploading it to fb

Without a doubt, people love photographs, because they allow us to capture special moments, keeping them in an image that will survive forever.

Unfortunately, on many occasions, some intruders interfere with our photos, ruining the beautiful memory we wanted to keep.

Here we will show you some pretty funny examples of photographs that should have been reviewed before sharing them with others.

1.- Whenever you see a guy in a suit reading something, you imagine that he must be doing something important, but …

2.- No one can explain this picture, how is it that the girl’s reflection looks like that? Yes, that’s not funny, it’s quite disturbing …

3.- When your father takes a picture for your face, but forgot the damn mirror behind.

4.- This woman posted an ad on her Facebook giving away her old television. He never imagined that he would also end up giving away his dignity.

5.- When everyone finds out that you are good, but also that you are very dirty and do not clean your house.

6.- Let someone help that baby!

7.- That beautiful family photo, ruined by the needs of a puppy …

8.- A nice photo of the memory, ruined by some naughty children.

9.- You can never miss the “chistosito” in the photo … Did you see it?

10.- Casual that you upload a photo and without wanting to show that you are ¨chiquiteando¨.

11. – It was going to be the most special moment of their lives, when he asked for marriage, but someone ruined it in a terrible way.

12.- When you want to look flirtatious, but your sister’s skills call more attention.

13.- Never lack the envious old maid who hates love.

14.- Can you see the intruder?

15.- This girl did not realize that the reflection of the back door, let see the pink dildo on the table. Obviously, his Facebook friends did discover it.

16.- “Just a quick selfie before starting my day”, he did not imagine that he taught more than he should.

17.- When your son was more alive than you imagined.

18.- When your grandma does you the favor of taking the picture that you will send to your girlfriend.

19.- When Mom’s baby does not want to appear in the photo.

20.- Of those times you want to look s3xy and end up making a fool of yourself.


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