10 Girls who had to clean their room before taking a selfie

At some point, every girl was “the hurricane of disorder” in her own room, maintaining cleanliness and organizing her was a challenge. Especially when you enter adolescence and the details matter.

However, in the following compilation of images it is seen that some girls did not overcome this stage and ended now in this ranking of shame for taking a selfie and not cleaning their room before it.

Not only is being beautiful and want to look like this in the photos, you have to take care of the details when taking a good picture, this is as terrible as the girls who take pictures in the bathrooms and can go much worse even the pots or other people.

Ladies, the selfie is a fashion, the idea is to look good in them, not be too bad stops in them.

This woman did not overcome the disorder stage adolescence. Women, being neat and clean is something that women speak very well

This girl has accumulated clothes for 3 years in the room apparently, not only is having gym body, it is also washing and ordering gym clothes and another.

Much worse still if the photos show unpleasant things, it is not known which is worse.

Ok, yes, this selfie is much worse, even I wonder what women have in their heads? This woman seems to live in a dumpster. This goes beyond the limits of disorder.

This girl does not have a floor in her room as you can see, it’s more clothes than a room. Please ladies, do not do this, be ordered with your personal things. Even then, do not upload photos to the networks where they show their lack of order and hygiene.

Ok girls, the s3xy thing that you can want to pretend a picture quickly goes away when behind you there is a whole chaos of room or place like this. Take care of the details, a photographer is infatuated with these photos.

And if we talk about chaos, not only is the place, really many girls in these photos look s3xy or look beautiful, but this girl is the opposite.

After seeing this as a woman it is important that you take into account that before sending a photo or uploading it to a network always take care of the details and on the other hand do not fall into vulgarity as it happens in many selfies.

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